Driller’s Offsider Jobs & Training in Perth & WA

Jobs and training for Driller’s Offsider / Driller’s Assistant (also known as a Roustabout in the Oil & Gas industry) involves moving and setting up drilling rigs and related equipment, assisting drillers to drill holes for such things as oil, natural gas, water, building foundations, minerals exploration and site investigation. Although this position is seen as a starting role for a Driller (Drilller runs a team of Driller’s Offsider / Assistants), it does require training.

Driller’s Offsider Jobs – Tasks & Duties

  • Help move drilling rigs and equipment from site to site, set up in the new site and connect power cables or hoses for water and air supply
  • Help obtain good quality drilling core samples
  • Dig and clean mud pits and drains
  • Mix and test drilling fluids, chemicals and grout
  • Assist in slotting, welding and inserting casing screens
  • Assist with well development and pumping tests
  • Operate equipment, such as pumps for air, water and mud
  • Use equipment and tools to correct problems in drilled holes caused by mechanical breakdowns or by harmful natural condition
  • Carry out minor maintenance and repairs, including lubrication and cleaning
  • Clean and maintain equipment, drill and camp sites.

Please note – these may vary from company to company and this is meant as a general guide only.

Driller’s Offsider Training Courses

Although the Drillers Offsider job is seen as a starting position with little or no mining experience necessary, training is needed and details about this will follow very shortly. If you wish to register interest for the Driller’s Offsider Training Course or find our more details, please contact us.

Courses are provided by one of our partner companies and designed to give participants a realistic insight into the Drillers Offsider role and prepare you for employment in the Mining, Oil & Gas industry.

Driller’s Offsider – Skills & Aptitude Required

  • Enjoy practical and manual activities
  • Aptitude for mechanics and able to handle machinery
  • Physically fit
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Willing to work in remote areas under difficult conditions
  • Good organisation skills
  • Able to record details accurately
  • Clean police record
  • Must be 18 years old (as it is a legal requirement on most mine and quarry sites)
  • Have a drug and alcohol clearance test
  • Pass a medical examination

Please note – skill requirements will vary from company to company and this is meant as a general guide only.

Related Jobs and Sectors to Driller’s Offsider / Driller’s Assistant

  • Blasthole drilling for the placement of explosives for the removal of rock and ore in quarries and mines, and in the construction of road works, dam sites and other capital works.
  • Mineral exploration and investigation drilling, which is carried out all over Australia and by Australian companies overseas in areas of suspected or known mineral deposits.
  • Oil and gas drilling, which is carried out offshore and onshore by contract companies mainly employed by oil companies.
  • Site investigation/geotechnical drilling to determine the soil and rock characteristics on construction sites.
  • Foundation/construction drilling on construction sites, usually in towns and cities, as a part of the actual building or construction process.
  • Water well drilling for stock and domestic or commercial bores, which is mainly carried out by private contractors based in rural areas.

To search for jobs as a Driller’s Offsider / Driller’s Assistant or Driller jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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Understanding the Structure of Law Firms and Legal Jobs in Perth

For those wanting to pursue legal jobs in Perth and work with one of the many well established firms based in Western Australia it is a good idea to get an understanding of how a law firm is structured and where you might fit into the organisation.

There are several business models that can be followed when structuring a law firm, these include:

  • Sole proprietorship: where the lawyer is the law firm
  • General partnership: which involves all of the lawyers having an equal share in ownership and liability
  • Professional corporations: where stock is issued to lawyers
  • Limited liability company: which involves the lawyers being termed members but they are not directly responsible for third party creditors
  • Professional association: this operates in a similar fashion to that of a LLC or a professional corporation
  • Limited liability partnership: which is when the partners are all partners with each other, but no partner holds responsibility for third party creditors or any negligence caused by another partner

The above represents the various business models employed when structuring a law firm and the information below details how the personnel are organised within the firm.

  • Partners: Most law firms are generally organised around a group of partners who all share ownership and are business directors of the firm.  There is usually a hierarchy amongst the partners that involves the appointment of a Managing Partner to be the figurehead of the firm and who represents the interests of the whole of the partners to drive the business.  In some business models, partners can be equity partners (who take a share of the profits) or non-equity partners who are paid a salary.
  • Associates: are employees of the legal practice who, at some point may have the opportunity to become partners at the firm.  It is considered very prestigious to make partner.  It is common for most associates to work with the firm for a number of years before being offered a move to partner.
  • Support Staff: these members of staff include law clerks, legal secretaries and any number of other support roles required in the efficient operation of the law firm.

The above outlines a basic overview of the traditional structures employed within a law firm.  Many of the law firms based in Perth, and throughout WA would employ one of these forms of business organisation.  When looking for legal jobs in Perth, it is always a good idea to undertake thorough research on the firms to ensure you have a complete understanding of their individual structures in case the opportunity arise to be considered for a role.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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How Social Media is Affecting Legal Jobs in Perth

Legal practitioners in Western Australian are embracing advances in new technology like social media platforms, and are amending the way they operate their law firms to adapt to the changing landscape in legal practice.  Many WA based law firms have taken the plunge into the world of social media to enhance their marketing strategies and to assist with finding candidates to fill their available legal jobs in Perth and other areas throughout the state. 

Having this online presence through social media platforms also plays an important role in a law firm’s ability to be able to communicate information about their practice and their services.  Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are being used for a variety of purposes in the legal arena including the creation of online profiles for law firms.  These platforms provide an avenue in which the firm can describe its services, introduce its team of lawyers and provide information on a firm’s position through publishing thoughts and opinions on legal matters.

Some of the top tier law firms located in Perth such as Clayton Utz, Mallesons, Freehills, and Blake Dawson to name a few, have already jumped on the social media bandwagon and are avid users of the social networking sites.

Perth law firms are also looking beyond the beneficial networking opportunities of social media and are increasingly using them as a very effective research tool, particularly in the areas of criminal and family law.  Often valuable information comes to light from sites like Facebook or Twitter when conducting research on witnesses for example. 

This research does not stop at witnesses and the like but also extends to prospective employees.  Not only can WA firms turn to these sites to find potential candidates for their legal jobs in Perth and surrounding areas, but they can also using them to get a sense about their would-be new employees.  Maintaining a professional online presence is as important for law firms as it is for legal professionals.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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Legal Jobs in Perth Abound for Corporate Lawyers

An area that many Perth based firms appear to be currently expanding in their organisations is their corporate mergers and acquisitions business.  This may be of interest to those looking for legal jobs in Perth in this particular area of specialisation.  This expansion within the corporate mergers and acquisitions business units appears to be presenting real opportunities for both experienced and aspiring corporate lawyers.  There are work situations that exist for junior and senior corporate lawyers and the work being offered is varied and exciting.

A corporate lawyer working in a Perth based law firm is could find themselves offering legal advice to a range of leading corporate clients based in WA.  The role of corporate lawyer generally involves working on a broad range of corporate and commercial matters.  Some of these duties would include providing excellent client focussed service, the drafting and negotiating of contracts, providing legal advice and general legal responsibilities as they relate to commercial enterprises.

Perth law firms also present the opportunity to work with some of the legal industries most well regarded leaders within the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions.  This can be particularly advantageous for junior corporate lawyers who can benefit from close mentoring by these esteemed legal professionals.

The corporate lawyer roles are made all the more attractive by the opportunity to work with some of Australia’s leading corporations.  This includes a number of Australian Stock Exchange listed corporations.

To be considered for one of the emerging corporate lawyer positions in Perth law firms, experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions or equity capital markets is desirable and most often, essential.  Candidates will need to exhibit a good understanding of contracts and possess solid skills with regard to the drafting of contracts.  Experience in face to face negotiations, project management and risk awareness is essential for some positions.

Corporate lawyers who are successful in securing one of the legal jobs in Perth could be looking forward to excellent career prospects and career progression opportunities.  Working as a corporate lawyer presents an ideal foundation to build technical and commercial experience.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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Opportunities to Gain Experience to Secure Legal Jobs in Perth

The range of legal jobs in Perth offers law students and graduates an exciting landscape of potential career opportunities within its legal market.  Many Perth based law firms have enjoyed continued growth in recent times primarily due to on the ongoing success and growth of the resources and construction sectors.  And, when coupled with the influx of international firms setting up operations in WA to capitalise on this growing market, the conditions within the legal market in Perth make for a potent and fertile combination that spells great opportunity for junior solicitors.

However, to take advantage of these exciting opportunities, law students and graduates are expected, and required, to gain practical legal work experience before being allowed to undertake formal work as a lawyer.

The usual length of time required for this practical experience is fifteen weeks and it is the responsibility of the individual graduate to arrange their own supervised work experience.  The position can be paid or voluntary but it must be approved to ensure it meets the requirements set out for practical training.

There are a number of avenues available to students and graduates to enable them to gain this practical experience. Some of them include working at a community legal centre (many of whom have their own specific training programs for the purpose of providing practical legal training) or other form of non-government organisation.

Overseas opportunities can also sometimes be considered providing the legal experience being gained is within an area of common law jurisdiction.  For graduates and students who are agreeable or keen to work in areas classified as RRR areas (regional, rural or remote areas) many internship programs and specific incentive programs exist.

For graduates willing to work in RRR areas in Western Australia, Legal Aid operates the WA Country Lawyers Program which offers both an incentive scheme and placement program.  Participating in any of these programs places graduates in a strong position to go on and secure permanent legal jobs in Perth after completion of their practical legal training.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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How to Become a Lawyer and Secure Legal Jobs in Perth

So, you’re looking at legal jobs in Perth and would like to know how to become a lawyer?  Well, there are four very basic steps you need to complete before becoming a practising lawyer.  These four steps involve the following objectives: obtain a law degree; complete some practical legal training; get admitted to legal practice and obtain a practising certificate.  Once you have completed these four steps, you’ll be on your way to practising law in Perth as a bona fide lawyer.

Obtain a Law Degree

You must get the necessary academic qualifications required to become a lawyer.  Generally this is a four year full time (or part time equivalent) Bachelor of Laws degree.  Many universities in Australia offer this degree program.  Throughout your university studies, there are several core subjects that you must pass to allow you to be admitted as a practising lawyer; constitution law, criminal law and contract law are some examples of must-pass subjects.

Completing Practical Legal Training

This is another requirement that needs to be completed before you’ll be allowed to practise law.  This practical training augments your university studies and is essential to gain the skills you require to become a lawyer.  This practical experience will expose you to legal skills that will teach you, amongst other proficiencies, how to draft correspondence, negotiate contracts, interview clients and arrange for the sale of land.

Getting Admitted to Practice

After successful completion of your academic studies and practical training, you are required to apply to the Supreme Court in your state (in this case WA) to be ‘admitted to practice’.  As part of this admission process, you will be required to prove to the court that you are a ‘fit and proper person’ to become a lawyer.

Get a Practising Certificate

The final step to becoming a lawyer is to obtain a practising certificate.  This certificate allows you to work as a lawyer for the specified period of time (generally 12 months) as is covered by the certificate.  This certificate is required to be renewed regularly.

It’s not an easy path – a good deal of study and hard work will be required. However, persistence and diligence along with the appropriate qualifications could one day see you applying for some of the many legal jobs in Perth.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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Legal Jobs in Perth and Succession Planning for WA Law Firms

As law firms in Perth plan for the future, they are faced with the issue of succession planning.  Many legal jobs in Perth are held by senior lawyers preparing for their retirement and the need for the next generation of lawyers to take the reins is looming.

Successful succession planning requires careful preparation.  For many law firms in Perth and throughout WA, the thought of facing the future without their long standing, senior legal professionals can be a daunting prospect.  The same feelings may be experienced by the firm’s long standing clientele as they too face their future without their trusted counsel with whom they may have developed a long term, faithful relationship with.

Further adding to the uncertainty that firms face is the prospect of operating without the considerable wealth of knowledge and experience that senior lawyers bring to the table.  So, without good strategies in place, succession planning may certainly have a detrimental effect on the future of the law practice.

For the lawyers who hold the responsibility of planning for the future of the firm the need is great for them to begin building a succession plan early so that the transition phase can be handled and managed for optimal results.  The desired outcome is a seamless transition that successfully passes from one generation to the next with little impact on the successful management of the firm, or on the client base.

Law firms in WA that are preparing for the future of their firms must consider several elements that are crucial to a successful succession plan being developed and implemented.  Some of these elements are to know the retirement plans of senior staff, involve younger lawyers in the firm’s management from an early stage in their careers, ensure newer staff have client interaction to help build meaningful relationships and to identify suitable individuals and foster their vital role in the succession plan.

No doubt, some of those who are currently applying for junior lawyer legal jobs in Perth will be among the next generation of key legal professionals.

To search for legal jobs in Perth and WA, start by reviewing the list of available jobs posted at westjobs.com.au.

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